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iFoster was created to give power to the hundreds of thousands of caregivers scattered in every community across the country. iFoster provides 100s of Resources through partnerships with 100s of Companies, Government Agencies and Non-Profits Nationwide. Free and Deeply Discounted Products and Services are available to meet the biggest needs of our Children and Youth. We also provide Rewards for the accomplishments of your children or youth, job opportunities for your youth, and we are always ready to help ensure you get the resources you and your children are eligible for.

We know that funds are limited, or funds cannot be used for some of the resources your children need. According to the USDA, it now costs over $250,000 to raise a child from 0 to 17. Neither foster care payments nor kinship benefits (where these even exist) come close to covering these costs.

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Resources are Click Away, 24/7

All our resources and supports are accessible online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by logging into this website. Look for the products and services you need on your own time using a computer, smartphone or tablet and our easy search tools. You can set your personal preferences so that you only see the resources you want and are eligible for. 

We are here to Help You! Need a Resource, Need help navigating the site, Don't see what you need? Call us at 1-855-936-7827 or email us at

iFoster Eligibility

* If you take care of Children or Youth and you are NOT their biological parent or step parent, you are eligible for iFoster

* Foster or Resource Caregiver

* Formal Kinship / Relative Caregiver

* Informal Kinship / Relative Caregiver

* Legal Guardian or Adoptive Parent

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