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iFoster is the bridge between a unique online community of caregivers and organizations raising children & youth, and the businesses that provide the resources, recognition, and opportunities that they need. 

 iFoster Resources.jpg Sell and Donate Products & Services to Our Community                                      

iFoster is an incredibly effective and efficient marketing channel to the caregivers and organizations raising over 2 million children and youth nationwide. We ask our community what resources they most use or need, and then invite business partners to make those resources available to them through our members-only online portal. There is no cost to our business partners, we only ask that you help our community by passing along your savings in marketing, advertising and sales costs. By supporting our community in this way, they will support your business.

Got goods that didn't sell? Donate them for their full retail price plus shipping to iFoster! We'll send them out as rewards to congratulate our children and youth on their successes such as good grades, first job, and volunteering. Got even more product to donate? We can help you distribute them to thousands kids in need.

 iFoster Jobs Program.jpg Hire Pre-Qualified and Trained Foster Youth                                                               

Hire our youth! Join our Grocery Industry Partners in working with iFoster to provide a pipeline of pre-qualified candidates for your part-time and full-time jobs and change the life of a foster youth aging out of care. Find out how we work with business to pre-qualify, train and make our foster youth job ready for your specific job opportunities. Visit our iFoster Jobs to learn more. 

And Do It for Your Business, Your Employees and Your Community

Build your brand and increase market share by aligning your company with the families and supporters of the over 3 Million children and youth who will spend time in our foster or kinship care. Support for your employees, suppliers and business partners, of which 1 in 11 will be directly involved in child welfare, and many more will be impacted by family members who are involved in child welfare. And employ a youth and save $1 Million in lifetime economic burden to your community.

How to Partner

Interesting in working with iFoster to support foster children and youth?

Contact us at:

Call Reid Cox, CFO & VP of Business Development at 530-550-9672

Our Partners

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iFoster is a 501c3 non-profit organization. EIN 80-0627614 Call us: 1-855-9FOSTER (936-7837)

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