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The Problem

1 in 11 children in the U.S. will live in foster or kinship care at some point before turning 18. Their outcomes are the worst of any population.


One reason is simple economics. As a society, we invest about half as much in a foster child as we do an average biological child, and less than a quarter in a child being raised by kin.

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A second reason is that the foster care community is fragmented and isolated from each other. There are foster children in every community and every school. Foster caregivers might work together but don’t know it. Because of the privacy and security needs of the children and youth in their care, they have very limited opportunities to support and learn from each other.

iFoster is addressing this fragmentation and isolation by building an online community where members can come together from the privacy and security of their own homes. In 4 years the community has grown to 30,000 members representing over 3 million children in all 50 states.

iFoster is addressing the funding gap by making sure our members can take advantage of every resource that is available to them, and lowering the barriers to getting the resources our members most use or most need.

Children and youth in foster care deserve all the same opportunities biological families provide. They deserve the same chance to become successful, independent adults and break the cycle.

By the Numbers

45% will need to repeat a grade level or be in special education

25% will not complete high school

29% will only receive a GED

48% will be unemployed at age 21 

50% will experience homelessness

25% will be incarcerated

Less than 12% will earn their BA

Tragic Outcomes

Video on the problem

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