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iFoster provides 100s of Resources through partnerships with 100s of Companies, Government Agencies and Non-Profits Nationwide. Free and Deeply Discounted Products and Services are available to meet the biggest needs of our Children and Youth.

Flip through our iFoster Magazine to get a sense of the resources we have available. Or click on the video on the right to get even more examples.

Access Resources 24/7

All our resources and supports are accessible online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right here. Look for the products and services you need on your own time using a computer, smartphone or tablet and our easy search tools. You can set your personal preferences so that you only see the resources you want and are eligible for. 

Get Help Finding the Right Resources for You

If you need assistance with your resource search, call iFoster and we can suggest resources for you and put them directly in your account. Once we know your preferences and what you are needing, we will periodically send you suggestions on new resources that meet your needs. iFoster will also leave you messages giving you status updates on applications and orders, as well as follow ups to resolve any issues.


At iFoster, we want to make sure you get the resources you are eligible for. If you don’t get the product or service you are applying for or you need help, call us. We have formed partnerships with every business, agency or non-profit providing a resource in our portal. We know their programs and if you run into trouble accessing them, we are happy to escalate the issue with our partners and work with them until it is resolved. Help is just a phone call or email away.

Resources for You

Watch a short video highlighting some of iFoster's 100s of resources

Types of Resources

iFoster provides resources in 9 resource categories based on feedback from the Community. 

These include:
* K-12 Education Supports
* Post High School and Career
* Technology
* Health & Wellness
* Recreational Activities
* Child Care & Parenting Help
* Clothing & Personal Goods
* Advisors & Support Groups
* Daily Living Expenses

iFoster is a 501c3 non-profit organization. EIN 80-0627614 Call us: 1-855-9FOSTER (936-7837)

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